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Zonta Research Group

Comprehensive Research and Investigation Services

Our Services

Comprehensive Research

Corporate & personal research, Deep Cyber research, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

Forensic Accounting

Fraud investigation & forensic accounting expertise to locate & prevent significant loss of funds


Family & child abuse investigations, interviews & litigation support, cybercrime

Asset Recovery & Person Locates

Locating & recovering stolen assets, funds & property; locating witnesses & family members

Surveillance & Security

Witness preparation & protection, audio & camera device sweeps, conflict resolution

Communications & Strategy

Communications, public affairs, media & government relations support & strategic development

Record Searches

BC Online & court services searches, background searches & criminal record checks

Document Preparation

In-person court services searches & small claims document preparation & administration


Online Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence data collection

Video Editing

Single or multi-device video files, audio and photos expertly compiled into a single court-ready video

Our Management Team

Lawrence Skwarek

CEO & Founder

John L. Daly

Founding Director

Archie Alafriz

CEO, Lucent Global Solutions

Mark W. Robertson

Director of Operations & Research

Patrick O’Connor

Manager of Communications & Research

Phill Hynes

Political Risk and Terrorism Analyst Asia


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  • Zonta Research Group (ZRG) was launched in April 2013 by Lawrence Skwarek (a retired RCMP officer) and investigative reporter John Daly. An investigative services division, i.e., Zonta Group Investigations (ZGI), was added soon after. In March 2019, we expanded our areas of practice and increased our personnel in order to provide a wider range of services and resources to meet the needs of our existing client base and new clients alike.

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