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Our Services

Comprehensive Research

Corporate & personal research, Deep Cyber research, Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

Corporations and individuals are recognizing the importance and power of information. Our research team makes use of every available avenue to gather information and prepare complete, comprehensive reports to document the results; including information obtained through deep cyber research and Freedom of Information requests.

Well-researched, properly documented information can greatly assist corporations and individuals faced with making important decisions to keep their business moving forward.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accountants combine accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to seek out information that can uncover financial irregularities, fraudulent activities, and commercial negligence. As a tool, Forensic Accounting frequently plays a significant role in fraud and embezzlement cases to explain the nature of a financial crime in a court of law. Forensic Accountants are trained to see the big picture and deal with the complexities of diverse business contexts. As a profession, Forensic Accountants are uniquely qualified to provide analyses that can be used in legal proceedings and be able to stand up to full scrutiny.


Family & child abuse investigations, interviews & litigation support, cybercrime

Investigations are an important tool that can help individuals involved in some way with criminal and civil cases. Our investigators can interview potential witnesses, provide litigation support by preparing court-ready documentation, and prepare individuals for the Court process. Whether it is a family situation that is being investigated, gathering an accident witness statement, or preparing clients for Court, we can prepare and assist you so that you are confident and knowledgeable and ready to present your case effectively.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and searching for – and identifying – hackers and other individuals who commit these crimes brings peace of mind to any individual being victimized. Diving deep into the Internet to search for cybercrimes can yield Information which, when properly documented, can be presented to a lawyer for prosecution.

Asset Recovery & Person Locates

Locating & recovering stolen assets, funds & property; locating witnesses & family members

Many people have experienced the heartache of losing touch with a loved one. We have access to databases that allow us to conduct a wider search than most individuals can accomplish on their own. By allowing our investigators the opportunity to locate someone for you, there is a better chance of achieving a positive outcome and reconnection.

We also have the ability to assist in locating and recovering stolen assets, such as motor vehicles, RV’s, other valuable assets and possessions. For corporations, there is an added benefit to retrieving and maintaining the security of valuable assets due to the confidential information these assets often contain.

Locating witnesses is also vitally important when validating your side in a dispute such as a car accident, a slip or fall, or any of the many other kinds of accidents that occur. Witness location is particularly essential in situations where the information a witness can provide might significantly benefit a client with the presentation of their case in court.

Surveillance & Security

Witness preparation & protection, audio & camera device sweeps, conflict resolution

Surveillance is often a necessary step in gathering factual information to corroborate a client’s legal claim. We prepare video evidence and factual eyewitness accounts in court-ready documents to provide an unbiased account of what was witnessed.  

Preparing witnesses so that they know what to expect in a legal proceeding is also essential because it allows them to feel comfortable in Court and enables them to provide a more confident and stronger witness account in support of your case.

Protecting a witness may also be necessary at times; a task Zonta Research takes seriously and carries out with tact. Any witness that requires protection will be looked after with care and securely protected so that they feel safe.

Invasion of privacy is an all too common threat, whether it takes place in our homes or in our businesses. Audio and camera sweeps can determine whether or not there are any hidden devices intruding upon your privacy (audio or video) and allow for removal of the device or devices.

Any time there is conflict, it can be uncomfortable or even unsafe for those who try to mediate between the complaining parties. Our conflict resolution officers bring an unbiased perspective to the table and create a safe environment that allows both sides to air their differences and assist them in solving their differences.

Communications & Strategy

Communications, public affairs, media & government relations support & strategic development

More than ever, in large part due to the exponential growth of social media and the pervasiveness of communication technologies, it is important to develop strategies to properly frame your narrative. Communications and media specialists can assist by ensuring that clients deliver a consistent positive public image when dealing with an issue or crisis situation.

Some of our areas of strength include:

  • Writing and disseminating press releases
  • Preparing key messages for media and/or the public
  • Assisting clients to appropriately respond to shareholders and/or the public
  • Preparing backgrounders
  • Coordinating interviews

Record Searches

BC Online & court services searches, background searches & criminal record checks

We have full access to BC Online and the necessary expertise to access and navigate:

  • BC Registry Services
  • Rural Property Tax
  • Combined Manufactured Home Registry
  • BC Assessment
  • Personal Property Registration
  • Court Services Online

As well, we have the expertise to access and navigate Land Title and Survey Authority of BC resources to provide the following information:

  • Type of Registration
  • Mortgages
  • Liens
  • Covenants
  • Right of Ways
  • Easements

We also conduct on-site document searches at Court Houses, Land Title, and Survey Offices as required.

Document Preparation

In-person court services searches & small claims document preparation & administration

The accuracy and professionalism of Court documents makes all the difference in winning a case. We search Court documents, both in person and online, to ensure that your Court-ready documents are up to date, accurate, and professional. We also prepare small claims documents with the same attention to detail which gives our clients a better chance of winning. We take care of the administrative details for you.


Online Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence data collection

We perform discreet open source and social media online investigations using innovative, targeted data mining techniques to obtain actionable intelligence.

Video Editing

Single or multi-device video files, audio and photos expertly compiled into a single court-ready video

One or more video sources, audio files and/or photos can be sequenced by event dates & timestamps, and compiled into a single court-ready video. Short story overview video production also available.



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